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All CTR Themes

One Year Access to all themes
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited installations
  • Unlimited updates
  • Access to future themes
  • One year membership
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Whats the point of using a CTR theme from themeclicks when you can download tons of great looking themes online? To say it in one word, MONEY!
Themeclick themes is all about making you money with as little work as possible. The fastest/best way to do this is by optimizing your click through rate, and the fastest way to do this is by installing a theme that is already optimized so you don't have to do the work.

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There are tons of webmasters that are happy about their 5% CTR. Some are even happy with 1-2% CTR. But why be happy with settling for small money when you can make big money. Our there convert your users into clicks. You will see Click Through Rates upto 30 percent per pageview. Some of our own sites have convertion rates over 50% per unique user. All this is done without making your site look like one big uninviting mess of ads. It's not about how many ads you show, it is about where and how you show them.

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Move your online business from Passion to Profit

One sure way to increase Click Through Rate (CTR) for Adsense In this era of list articles – “top 5”, “top 7”, “top 10”, and other variants of list articles, it must be weird seeing an article with one way to improve something. While there might be other ways to improve click through rates, focusing on the one tip that is shared in this article will surely yield results. Additionally, it might also seem simplistic to whittle down the success of your blog to one singular act. I know it sounds weird. What if I told you all the work has been done for you? And that all you need in a platform to succeed is readily available. Read on to find out about what you can do to improve your CTR, and make more money.

Don’t get the premise of this article wrong; you will still have to create quality content for your blog, business or online magazine. The premise of the article is to show you what you can do to ensure that as people come to view the awesome content, that they also click on links and advertisement that will make you money. Perhaps it is pertinent to quickly explain what CTR is, and what a high CTR means for your online business.
What is CTR and what does it mean for my online business? CTR stands for click through rates. In basic terms, CTR measures the ratio of viewers who click on a link to those who could have clicked on a link (link could be Adsense adverts, affiliate links, a product, advertisement, link to another site, or an internal link). For example, if you publish a post today and you want to measure your CTR for that period for a link to the article. Let’s make some assumptions here for easy mathematics: no of visitors within the 24 hours is 100 and those who clicked through the link happened to be 5. The CTR is therefore:

5/100 X 100 = 5%

The CTR for the link in that article is 5%. What this means for this blog owner assuming the link is an affiliate link, or Google Adsense advert is that the owner made money from only 5% of the people that visited that page. Is that enough? Considering those that clicked through might not even make a purchase where the link took them to. That further reduces the probability of making money from the blog. Is there a remedy? Sure there is, and it is getting a CTR theme that is Adsense ready.

What is CTR Adsense ready theme?

Let’s examine what a CTR Adsense ready theme is… A theme is a basically the way your content is presented to your users. A theme can also function to provide control of the behavior of certain page elements and features, like where Google Adsense adverts are placed. Any website theme should provide the following:
• Any theme chosen should reflect the personality of the blog
• Provide a collective and cohesive presentation across all the pages of the site
• Make the site load faster
• Be responsive on mobile and computers

At you have access to the best Adsense themes, best Adsense blogger ready themes, and Adsense CTR Wordpress themes that you can easily use, and see your CTR soar through the roof and earn you money with your blog like never before. Let’s examine why getting Adsense ready theme from makes a whole lot of business and technical sense.

CTR themes for Wordpress made the right way

At, our Adsense CTR themes are done with the utmost technical proficiency possible. With a user-oriented mindset while designing all our themes, you can be sure to get quality high CTR Wordpress themes for your online business. Our themes are user-centric and ensure that on every visit of every user, their experience is not compromised. These are the features of our CTR themes:

• Adsense blogger themes that make navigation from page to page easy
• Themes that ensure there is a balance between content and ads – not too in your face, but still subtly saying, “Click me, Click me!”
• Color schemes that are aesthetically pleasing to the sensual part of the brain
• Uniform font sizes and types across the website
• Themes that promote the faster loading times across platforms
• Super Adsense Wordpress theme that is responsive to user interactions
• Simple yet sophisticated themes that speak professionalism

Responsive and ready to maximize your Adsense earnings To move from blogging for passion to profit is dependent on maximizing income streams like Google Adsense. Google Adsense is by far the most popular way to make money from your website, and thus taking a part of the jigsaw that can improve your earnings is thus critical. Your Google Adsense is highly dependent on the interaction of your users with the Adsense adverts on your website. The importance of this is highlighted by the fact that more people make searches via mobile phones now than on computers. This means more and more people are accessing web pages via their mobile phones, thus, your web pages must render properly on mobile phones or else people bounce (leave immediately) as soon as they are on your site.

With Adsense CTR themes, what you get is a page that changes and adapts according to the screen and platform it is viewed from. This has been achieved by using fluid grids, CSS3, and using flexible images. This way, sites retain their structure, clean look, and aesthetics with whatever platform they are opened with. You never have to lose a potential lead because someone your site wasn’t rendering properly on a platform, another reason to choose an Adsense CTR Wordpress theme.

A high click rate does not have to mean a boring design Let’s paint this picture: even though having a house is the barest minimum, how do you feel in an apartment that is well designed? The rooms are well lighted, well arranged, beautifully littered with decorations, minimalist designs yet sophisticated and yet enchanting and mesmerizing. That is exactly what a theme should offer your website. Your domain and hosting serve as the house, but themes add the necessary decorations; from the color scheme, choice of font sizes and types, to navigation, position of the ads and every other that speaks order and makes the user experience worthwhile. Having the best Adsense theme that is cool and trendy cannot be emphasized enough. Having a boring design can cause your visitors to just yawn and bounce. A higher bounce rate means lower CTR, and you don’t want that. What you want is for every user/visitor to be in awe when they visit your site; that catches their attention. An attentive visitor is one that will read your content, is one that has a higher probability of clicking adverts or visiting that affiliate link. With lots of people already switching to Adsense ready Blogger or Wordpress themes, you don’t want to lose money to your competition and leave money on the table.

The best Adsense Wordpress theme anywhere

There is no other place for you to get the best Adsense Wordpress theme anywhere than at We have poured all of our experience and expertise into our themes. We pride ourselves on the testimonies of our past clients; helping them to make money, and more money where applicable. We helped turn their passion into a viable and profitable online business. For the purpose of reinforcing this, these are the benefits you get by getting your Adsense CTR themes from

• Low bounce rates as our themes make users stay on your site
• Increased CTR up to 30% from reduced bounce rates
• Aesthetically attractive website
• Simple and sophisticated responsive website that loads with ease on every platform – android, iOS, tablets, computer etc
• Fast page loading time that ensures users don’t exit while the page is loading
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• Set up your Adsense site in minutes with our easy-to-use premium CTR themes.
• Get a theme that makes your website look more professional, and make you an expert in your field
• Get more users subscribe to your site, which is also a potential source of income down the line from selling eBooks and other services on your website.


The bottom line is that no matter what you are earning at the moment from the miserly CTR, you can earn more by doubling, tripling, quadrupling your CTR. You can only do this by changing an important part of the earning jigsaw – the theme of your blog. Our themes come as Adsense-ready, and before long you will move from blogging for passion to blogging with profits.